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Application & Assignment

When can I apply for a locker?

The locker assignment takes place at the start of each semester. Usually, you will be able to apply for a locker within the first one and a half weeks of teaching time. We will inform you about the exact dates via notices in the KG II and on the website of the Rechtswissenschaftliche Fakultät in time.

Who is eligible for a locker?

The lockers in the KG II are for members of the Rechtswissenschaftliche Fakultät and the Business Scientific Departments of the Wirtschafts- und Verhaltenswissenschaftliche Fakultät; especially for the following groups:

  • Students
  • Ph.D. Students
  • Trainees
  • Correction Assistents
  • Guest Lecturers

How do I apply for a locker?

There are the following steps to apply successfully:

  1. Enter your personal information correctly on the site of the locker assignment.
  2. You will get a confirmation e-mail containing a link to verify your e-mail address. You have to open the linked website within the application period to be included in the assignment!
  3. You will get another e-mail containing a nine digit code in the form of XXXX-XXXX. With this code you will be able to see which locker you were assigned (if you were assigned one) on the site of the locker assignment.

My matriculation is not being accepted. What can I do?

In order to only allow eligible students to apply for a locker, we match your entered matriculation number with the deposited matriculation numbers in our system. If your matriculation number is not being accepted (and you are positive you entered it correcly), you do not exist in our system. In this case, you have to send us an e-mail containing your certificate of matriculation. We will add you to our system and inform you, when you can apply for a locker.

Can I apply for a specific locker?

No, due to technical reasons you cannot apply for a specific locker or keep your locker from the last semester.

Does the time of my application matter in the assignment?

No, the lockers are assigned randomly within certain priority groups. The time of your application within the application period does not matter.

It is 0:30h already and I still cannot apply for a locker.

This is due to us manually activating the application; the activation therefore takes place in the morning. Since the assignment is independet from your time of application, you can take your time to apply.

What criteria apply for the locker assignment?

The lockers are assigned with priorities. The higher an applicant is rated, the better are his chances of getting a better locker. Within the priority groups, the lockers are assigned randomly. The priority groups are in descending order:

  • Ph.D. Students
  • Students in their seventh semester and up
  • Students in their fourt to sixth semester
  • Students in their first to third semester
  • Trainees
  • Correction Assistents

I forgot to apply for a locker. Can I get one belatedly?

If you have forgotten to apply for a locker, we cannot assign you a locker belatedly. What we will do, is to publish a list of all unassigned lockers (if there are any) on the website of the Rechtswissenschaftliche Fakultät and on notices in the KG II. You can take one of those lockers.


My locker is occupied. What do I do?

If your locker is occupied, you will need the PDF file you got on the page where you looked up your locker. This file confirms that your locker is indeed assigned to you. With this file, you can go to the janitors of the KG II wihtin the first four weeks after the assignment. They will break open your locker.

However, it is common to inform the former owner with a notice on the locker, within which you set a time limit to clear his locker. Often, former owners will put a notice on the locker themselves, containing their contact information. You can then contact the former owner and ask him to clear his locker.

My locker is damaged. Whom do I contact?

Before each assignment we check all open lockers for damages. Those lockers are reported to the janitors who will repair the lockers within the semester. Of course, damaged lockers are not included in the assignment.

Nevertheless, since we cannot check locked lockers, it may happen that there are damaged lockers in the assignment. If you have been assigned a damaged locker, you can inform us about it. We will call the janitors to repair the damage as soon as possible. In case of need, we can also assign you a different locker (if there are still unassigned ones).

I am displeased with my locker.

The locker assignment is suppossed to be an as fair as possible procedure of assigning each interested person a good locker. This, we try to realize with the assignemnt procedure using priority groups and a random assignment. However, due to the sheer mass of applications, we cannot allow for individual wishes. We hope you understand this.


My question has not been answered here. Whom can I contact?

If you have got further questions, you can contact us during the assignment period via an e-mail to