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Here a short overview of the program and content of the workshop.

The First Freiburg Forum on Chinese Law

October 25th-27th, 2007

Content, Program, Participants of the Forum

The "First Freiburg Forum on Chinese Law" took place from October 25th-27th, 2007. Renowned Professors and experienced legal professionals from Germany and abroad introduced participants to the theory and practice of Chinese law. The forum was addressed to professors and students as well as legal professionals and China experts in German and Swiss businesses.

The topical focal point of the forum was placed on recent legislation in China. Chinese civil and economic law underwent groundbreaking reform over the past three years; bankruptcy and property law were even codified for the first time. Important changes were made regarding corporate law and the law on stock companies. The passage of the labor contract law established a stronger protection against unlawful dismissal in China. And the anti-trust law, which will soon be passed, will change the regulatory framework governing corporate sales and business transactions in China. The issues discussed in the forum entail immediate practical consequences especially for those investors wanting to position themselves in the Chinese market - its opening having, in part, just recently taken place in the course of the implementation of the obligations imposed by the WTO - and, therefore, interested in the legal environment.

In the course of the presentations, there were three rounds of experts on property law, bankruptcy law, corporate and stock company law, labor law, as well as, competition law. Each of the subjects was addressed from the Chinese, German, and Swiss points of view by the speakers. Since German law often served as a model for the new legislation in China, this offered special opportunities for a dialogue between the two legal systems, which was continued in the panel discussions and, of course, in the informal part of the forum. Each panel was led by a known expert of the respective topic. Therefore, the forum also offered an interesting platform to participants from the academic sector.

Another article, discussing the individual topics of the forum in greater detail will soon appear on this site. In addition, you can view a copy of the forum's  program.