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Research Project "Legal Challenges for Chinese Investments in Germany"








The Chair of International Economic Law with special focus on East Asia directed by Prof. Dr. Yuanshi Bu, LL.M. (Harvard) is conducting a long-ranging research project in order to determine the legal challenges which Chinese investments face in Germany.


Chinese investments in Germany are a recent and ever growing phenomenon, which causes attention even throughout everyday news coverage. Hereby, the hitherto existing trend of German enterprises investing in China is overthrown, as nowadays the number of Chinese investments in Germany is ever growing. This is not a short-term trend, but rather an enduring development, which will even increase in the coming years. This is evidenced most obviously by the fact that outbound investments are strongly and permanently encouraged by the Chinese government. 


The Chair of International Economic Law with special focus on East Asia is determined to illustrate and examine for the first time the legal challenges which such investments face in Germany, coming on the one hand from Chinese regulations and on the other hand from German and European regulations.


In the context of this research project, we especially seek contact to enterprises affected by such investments and other practitioners.