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Locker Assignment

There are lockers in the KG II, especially so that students can store their books and bags while working in the library. 

 The registration phase for the locker assignment is canceled.
Students can take a  free locker by putting their locket to it.


Attention: Unfortunately, lockers are broken open and valuables are being stolen over and over again. Thus, you should not store your valuables in your locker!


2nd Floor: 73-204, 226-322, 323-489, A7-A78

3rd Floor: 526-657, 1040-1199

4th Floor:  658-717, 724-799, A720-A729, 1200-1279

5th Floor: 736-879


You can write us an e-mail to (you cannot apply via e-mail!). Please consult the frequently asked questions first to see if we have already answered your question there.