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Selected talks

Annual GRUR Conference, Berlin, September 2018

Abuse and Algorithmic Pricing – Dynamic and Individualised Prices in Virtual Competition

German IT Manager Congress, Düsseldorf, September 2018

IT meets Law – Pitfalls in Cloud Computing

Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Berlin, September 2018

Finally Equal Opportunities – New Regulation for All? Politics meets Media

Vodafone Enterprise Plenum, Munich, June 2018

The New Data Protection Law 2018 – A New Game with Old Rules?

Symposium "Media and Competition Law", Axel Springer SE and Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP, Berlin, June 2018

Competition Law – Data – Artificial Intelligence

Würzburg Working Group "Competition and Regulation", Würzburg, June 2018

Data (Protection) and Competition Law

10th Speyer Competition Law Forum, Speyer, April 2018

Data and Competition Law

Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Albert Ludwig University Freiburg, April 2018

The New Data Protection Law

AI Summit 2018, Hanau, March 2018

AI and Data Thrift: Algorithms  within Competition Law

OSE Symposium – Data-Driven Economy/Legal Implementation, Munich, January 2018

Data Economy, Competition Law, and Innovation Protection

Workshop “Explainable and Accountable Algorithms”, Alan-Turing-Institute, London, January 2018

Algorithms on the Markets for Opinions and Goods

Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Freiburg,
November 2017

The Cartel Affair in the German  Car Industry

Conference „Block Chain – Options, Law, and Regulations“, Muenster, November 2017

Block Chain Technology in Corporate Law

Conference „Law in Companies“, Munich, July 2017

Digital Platforms in Legal Contexts

13th Soldan-Conference 2017, University of Cologne, June 2017

Legal Clinics in Legal Education

Rhineland Friedrich Wilhelm University Bonn, June 2017

Data-Related Consent as a Key Element in the Age of Information

Euroforum, Cologne,
June 2017

General Data Protection Regulation ante portas

5th  Roundtable on data protection, Frankfurt, May 2017

Big Data and Competition Law

Symposium: 125th anniversary of the  Law on Limited Liability Companies, Ruprecht Karl University Heidelberg, May 2017

The digitized GmbH

Annual Conference, Mannheim Centre for Competition and Innovation (MaCCI),
March 2017

Media Pluralism and Competition Law – Recent Developments

Federal Commission on Internet and Digital Economy – Economic Council of the CDU, Berlin, March 2017

Market Power and Competition on Online Platforms

Big Data Summit 2017, Hanau,
February 2017

Big Data in the Law – Competition and Data Power

ELSA-lecture series, Albert Ludwig University Freiburg,
February 2017

Fake News, Social Bots and Big Data

State Institute for Media in North Rhine-Westphalia, Dusseldorf, January 2017

Online-Intermediaries. Legal and Economic Issues including Possible Regulations.

Teaching and Learning Day, Freiburg, November 2016

Legal Counselling by Students as a Link between Social Commitment and Teaching

AGEM – Intellectual property and media in the DVA, autumn conference, Berlin,
November 2016

The „Tagesschau“-application – fundamental questions, fundamental consequences

German Academy of Judges, Berlin-Westrau,
September 2016

Liability of Internet Information Intermediaries

Colloquium on International Competition Law and Commercial Law, Heidelberg,
September 2016

Competition Law and Consumer Protection

Telemedicus Summer Conference, Berlin,
September 2016

The Power of Platforms – Platforms in Competition Law

German-Korean Symposium, Albert Ludwig University Freiburg,
July 2016

Internet Information Intermediaries in German and European Law

ELSA-lecture series, Albert Ludwig University Freiburg,
June 2016

Protection of Personality on the Internet

German-Japanese Symposium, Albert Ludwig University Freiburg,
April 2016

Free WiFi and „Störerhaftung“ – Liability of  Internet Intermediaries between tradition and innovation

16th International Confectionery Convention, Berlin,
November 2015

Public Relations at the Federal Cartel Office – legal Framework and Possibilities for Defense

Federal Cartel Office
Oktober 2015

Abuse of Market Power on Internet Platforms

ZKI Autumn Conference, Albert Ludwig University Freiburg,
September 2015

Legal Framework for Cooperation Projects by Data Centers

Leibniz University Hanover,
June 2015

WiFi- Hotspots and Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights - between „Störerhaftung“ and liability privileges

Dialogue Series "Reforming the Order of Media and Communication“, German Bundestag,
May 2015

Competition Law and media-related Diversity Protection

Annual Kick-off event, Forum on Media Law, Cologne,
April 2015

Search Engines: He who seeks shall find – but what?

Exam Celebration of the Faculty of Law, Albert Ludwig University Freiburg,
February 2015

Google: Danger to or Guarantor of Diversity of Opinion?

Symposium "Efficiency through Communication“ Albert Ludwig University Freiburg,
October 2014

Informal Antitrust Proceedings and the Rule of Law

BDI Board on Digital Economy, Telecommunication and Media, Berlin, October 2014

Digital Platforms and Infrastructures – New Challenges for the Competition Law Regime

German Parliamentary Society, Berlin,
July 2014

Performance Protection for Publishers, Google and Competition Law 

University of Mannheim,
April 2014

European Antitrust Law: Non-economic Public Interest Objectives and Derogations Possibilities

Symposium on Self-learning Strategies in the course of Law Studies, University of Konstanz,
February 2014

Supporting Self-learning Competences in Professional Events (with Ulrike Hanke)

Albert Ludwig University Freiburg,
January 2014

Current Legal Issues regarding Online Search Engines

Law & Economics Conference, Mannheim Centre for Competition and Innovation,
November 2013

Regulation of Search Engines – Needs, Possibilites and Limits

University of Bayreuth,
June 2013

Performance Protection for Publishers on the Internet

Interdisciplinary Conference, University of Passau,
June 2013

Market Power and Power of Opinion of Search Engines

ICOMP, Berlin,
March 2013

Intellectual Property Protection on the Internet

ÖHV Hotelier Congress, Vienna, 
January 2013

E-tourism: Are the Search Results correct? How do Google & Co. sort offers on the Internet?

Dispute Resolution Retreat 2012 - Symposium Gleiss Lutz, Reichenau,
September 2012

Search Engines on Trial: Between Antitrust law and Performance Protection

September 2012

Panel discussion – Setting the Course between Media Pluralism and Economic Liberalism

University of Heidelberg,
June 2012

Author’s Rights on the Internet – between Copyright and Copyleft

May 2012

Search Engines, Market Power and Formation of Opinion

Parliamentary breakfast series – Politics meet Sciences,  Berlin,
May 2012

Copyright Enforcement and the Internet,

110th Meeting of the Study Circle for Press Law and Freedom of Press, Cologne
November 2011

Search Engines and Net Neutrality

Inaugural Lecture on the occasion of the Inauguration of the Institute,  Albert Ludwig University Freiburg,
May 2011

Civil Law and Commercial Law Provisions for Net Neutrality

University of Dusseldorf,
November 2010

Media Antitrust Law on Trial

Albert Ludwig University Freiburg,
July 2010

Media Diversity and Competition Law

Albert Ludwig University Freiburg,
July 2010

Usage and Interference of WiFi Internet Access Points

Lecture Series on Chinese Law, University of Heidelberg,
May 2009

The German Corporate Law in Legal Comparison

University of Heidelberg,
January 2009

Filling Gaps in UN Sales Law – with particular focus on the process of filling gaps in the GCC

Albert Ludwig University Freiburg,
December 2008

Medial Exploitation of (sporting) Events and Performance Protection

University of  Mannheim,
December 2008

Centralized Marketing, Broadcasting Rights, and Cartel Bans

Annual Convention of Young Jurists, Dusseldorf,
September 2007

Internationalised Accounting  and Private Regulators

Building Law Convention, Freiburg
September 2007

Cross-border Construction Contracts and International Civil Procedure Law

Bauropa, Würzburg
May 2007

European Community Law and National Private Law