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Study Group on German and Chinese Law

A few years ago, young and motivated law students interested in Chinese law met regularly to learn more about these two countries’ law systems. Ms. Prof. Dr. Bu’s Chair for East Asian law has revived this study group since April 2007.

The study group convenes at regular intervals and encourages exchange between German and Chinese law students. Direct contact makes is possible to obtain more than just a flighty impression of each other’s culture and law. Exchanging ideas with people of similar interests who have greater experience can also be useful for one’s own legal study.
Furthermore, it is foreseen that various personalities be invited to hold lectures. Chinese law, as well as, German law offer a myriad of topics to spark interesting discussions. An important example is the issue of the stringent legal reform currently going on in China, influenced, to a considerable extent, by European legal concepts. Topics of this type allow law students to gain a more profound understanding of their own as well as the foreign legal system in comparing and contrasting the two.
Anyone interested in taking part in our study of German and Chinese law is cordially invited to the study group.

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