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Master of Law, LL.M.

Here you can find information on the postgraduate master’s programme in Freiburg


I. Master of Law (LL.M.)


General information on the Master of Law (LL.M.)

At the University of Freiburg, it is possible to undertake a postgraduate master’s programme, which is especially directed at law graduates from foreign countries. Upon successful completion of the master’s programme, the academic title of “Legum Magister” (LL.M.) will be awarded by the University of Freiburg. The aim of the postgraduate Master’s programme is to convey the fundamentals of German law; this includes two of the three legal areas – civil law, public law and criminal law. Within the scope of a six month master’s thesis, the programme enables students to focus on an individual subject area.

Postgraduate Master’s Programme (LL.M. Programme)


The regular duration of the programme, including examination time, is four semesters. This should not be understood as a concrete time frame, as law graduates from foreign countries have greatly varying background knowledge of German law, and a certain level of knowledge is required to satisfy the demands of the post-graduate programme. Despite all differences, in individual cases the compulsory component of the programme can generally be completed in two to three semesters. Following this, a master’s thesis has to be written and an oral exam undertaken.


There are no separate lectures for master’s students. Master’s students take part in the same courses as German students. This has the advantage of giving LL.M. students ample opportunity to experience everyday life at a German university and, of course, to get to know German students. To help out with everyday orientation – inside, as well as outside the university – possibilities for special advice and introductory tutorials are offered to foreign students.

The core component of the post-graduate programme is the master’s thesis, which is to be submitted to the master’s committee in six months, following the duly completed course component. The supervising professor is jointly responsible for the topic and quality of the master’s thesis. The selection of a topic may be made on the basis of your own particular areas of interest in every area of German civil, criminal or public law, as well as international and European legal disciplines. A comparison with the legal circles of the student’s country of origin often lends itself as a possible topic.

The compulsory course component of the programme which precedes the master’s thesis enables a section of suitable lectures and, in this way, a certain focus area to be found. However, it is not possible to concentrate on just one area of the law. On the contrary, study in two of the three large legal areas – civil law, public law and criminal law – is stipulated. These two areas of the law are the subject of examinations, both during the programme as well as in the concluding master’s exam.

In the scope of the course component of the programme, students must visit a seminar offered by the professor will supervise the master’s thesis. As part of the seminar, students complete a written seminar paper, in which they conduct academic research on a topic given to them by their supervisor. The seminar paper is usually 20 to 30 pages and has to be presented orally to the other seminar participants. Afterwards a discussion will be held with the seminar participants on the topic and the paper.

The master’s exam is made up of the master’s thesis and an oral exam in German. The oral exam covers the area of the master’s thesis and one of the legal areas chosen by the candidate from the two areas of law studied in the course component of the programme.

Requirements for the LL.M. at the Albert-Ludwig-University

  •  A foreign degree in law, equivalent to the German First Legal State Examination (if there is any doubt you are more than welcome to contact us)
  • A sound knowledge of the German language (possibly this may also be proven by other means than the list of certificates below)
  • Please also note the Link to the SLI (Sprachlehrinstitut) at the University of Freiburg, where you can gain the required language certification.
  • You will find further information as well as a checklist for the application procedure here and here.

Admission Process

The admission takes place in two stages: after your application at the International Office, the faculty decides on admission for the following semester. The faculty reserves the right to allow entry to the course component of the programme only once per year (i.e. in the winter semester) if there is an excessive number of applications. Currently admission to the LL.M. programme takes place in both the winter and summer semesters. The application deadline for the LL.M. programme is the 15th of July for commencement in the winter semester and the 15th of January for the summer semester.

Please observe that written acceptance for supervision from a professor active at the faculty must be submitted with the application documents. This acceptance can also be handed in subsequent to the application deadline, though admission to the Programme is not possible without professor acceptance.

The final admission to the course component of the programme takes place after arrival in Freiburg, through the master’s committee of the Faculty of Law. This decision is based on whether a regularly employed professor of the Faculty is willing to take on the supervision of the applicant. 

II. Further Questions

If you have any question, you are very welcome to contact us at the International Office. As soon as you have found a professor for the supervision of your master’s thesis, you will be able to discuss the most common arising issues with him/her. Nevertheless, even then you are more than welcome to fall back on our help and advice! In addition, the advice of the Abteilung Internationale Studierende (see contact details below) on the general conditions for admission is available to you.

International Office, Faculty of Law

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Telefon: +49 (0)761 203-2185


International Admissions and Services, University of Freiburg

Service Center Studium
Abteilung Internationale Studierende/
Student Service Center
International Admissions and Services
79085 Freiburg


Contact details of the Faculty of Law:

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