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Welcome to the Europa-Institut Freiburg e.V.

The Europa-Institut Freiburg e.V. is a non-profit organisation founded in 1991 by a private initiative. Its aim is to provide a forum for an exchange of knowledge between members of the scientific, business, political and administrative community concerning European matters. Therefore, it organises symposiums which deal with both fundamental and current issues on European constitutional, legal and economic policies. Furthermore, it is dedicated to research the European integration, as well as on fundamental level as on a more practical level. Another crucial point in its research is the relationship between the European Union and its member states and regions. Finally, the Europa-Institut Freiburg e.V. wants to offer information on all aspects of the European integration and - last but not least - wants to establish a good contact between the institutions of the European Union and the people who are interested in the European integration.

The Europa-Institut Freiburg e.V. is headed by its scientific director Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schwarze, Freiburg University.

Freiburg Draft of a European Constitutional Treaty (English Version)

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Europa-Institut Freiburg e.V.

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